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Cfx Inc. is a full-service advertising agency. In 2006, Chris Frank and Megan Frank transformed Holy Family Catholic Church and rectory in historic Tower Grove into a lively, atmospheric work environment. Sunlight beams through stained glass windows and illuminates workstations in the main sanctuary that once was lined with pews, and the former alter space is now a massive board room with a marble round-table. The former church's cry room? It's now a private room for employees who need to take a break or make a phone call. From the front door to the back hallway, every inch of Cfx's redesigned office space perfectly illustrates the vibe that resonates between its walls day-to-day.

Chris Frank and Megan Frank transformed Holy Family Church and rectory in south St. Louis into a lively community work environment.
— Retail Design Blog

Cfx, Inc.

In recognition of their revitalization of former Holy Family Catholic Church and school, Cfx Inc. advertising agency owners Chris Frank and Megan Frank received the Mayor's Spirit of St. Louis Award in 2011. The prestigious award recognizes businesses that make major expansions or improvements to their existing locations, major city projects, or businesses that open or relocate to the City of St. Louis. Originally founded in 1898, the former church was closed by the Archdiocese in 2005.

Not wasting any time, Chris Frank purchased The Holy Family property soon after and began its immediate renovation, eventually relocating from a former bank renovation in Rock Hill to their office's new home, the vibrant Tower Grove community. The church's rehabilitation suits the full-service advertising agency perfectly, now functioning as a state-of-the-art creative space.

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