Transformed Shanghai Resort in the Trees

Very inspiring conservation project that aimed to preserve the forests of Shanghai and integrate a luxurious resort in doing so. Not only beautiful from a physical standpoint, but also conceptually. The resort itself, Aman (the hotel resort brand of Russian real-estate developer Vladislav Doronin), has modernist aesthetics that are inspired by the cultural fabric of Shanghai. 

The project has also involved the dismantling of more than 30 villages, which resulted in 50 Ming and Qing dynasty houses being carefully taken apart and rebuilt in the new location, on the outskirts of Shanghai.
— Amy Frearson
During the process, the team rediscovered 400-year-old building techniques. They also uncovered carvings and reliefs that would have taken decades to complete, and which trace family histories dating back 2,000 years.
— Amy Frearson

Source: Dzeen