Marketing & Data Analytics for Streaming Services

chris frank

With data analytics being a must in the marketing landscape these days, BrightLine, a company that helps dynamic and interactive ads across streamable TV, has announced a new product that will help the marketing industry make sense of advertising on streaming TV services.

DataCast will help advertisers target and measure their ads in an omniscreen way (mobile, desktop and now TV). With the use of DataCast’s 30,000-plus targetable audience segments, this solution will bring delivery and measurement to streaming TV. 

As connected TVs are now in 70 million households in the United States, BrightLine aimed to ameliorate marketers’ problems in understanding how to reach those audiences.

One of our top goals is to provide marketers more ways to target their messages to the right audience at the right time on the right platforms
— Linda Yaccarino | Chairman of Advertising and Client Partnerships at NBCUniversal

Source: AdWeek