Stop Motion Film by Nix + Gerber Created Entirely in the Space of a Car Trunk


In a new ad campaign for the 2019 MINI Countryman, MINI USA invited stop motion artist duo Nix + Gerber (previously) to produce a stop motion film within the confines of the vehicle’s cargo space. Nix + Gerber decided to explore space in their film Camping. Nix + Gerber utilized two dioramas for their models of the Earth and of the Moon, creating each of the terrains with foam, wire, flock, dirt and rocks. The short film explores the 2019 vehicle’s slogan “Created in a Countryman,” and examines the sorts of worlds that might be constructed in the confines of a MINI Countryman’s trunk.


Camping will screen on Monday, September 17, 2018 at the BAM Rose Cinema at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. To see an extensive selection of Nix + Gerber’s miniature dioramas on their website.


SOURCE: Colossal