GRIS: Explore a Surreal Watercolor Landscape in a New Video Game by Nomada Studio


GRIS is a new game designed by Nomada Studio that leads users through a surreal watercolor inspired landscape filled with crimson mountains, square trees, and overgrown ruins. The style of and thinking behind this visual experience are revolutionary. There is no danger or death in the detailed lurid pastel world, but rather, the opportunity for meditative exploration with the main character as she unlocks new worlds and abilities. The video game features an original score, which perfectly matches the tone of its soft, gestural graphics.


The game design mimics the way watercolor pools on paper, with splotches of color often falling outside of the lines in the main character’s face, the hills she slides down or the trees that she interacts with. “In our game the scenery is very important, and sometimes takes the spotlight over the main character,” says the studio.


GRIS is the first video game by the Barcelona-based Nomada studio, and will be released this December for both Nintendo Switch and PC.

SOURCE: Colossal