That 90's Look is Coming Back: Dear God Brand Identity


Of late, a peculiar trend has been storming design communities by force and its pretty atypical. Current creative directions are being increasingly influenced by design movements that were once considered archived. What does this mean? It means that the 90’s are back and that designers are focusing their gaze on the styles and trends that made it big during that extra special decade.  


Elvis Benício and Lostctrl recently published this project on their Behance profiles and it’s pretty easy to the pinpoint the main influence behind this project. It has that grunge look that was originally created by distorting typography and usually included a mix of primitive shapes. In this project, those two aforementioned elements are masterfully interwoven with black and white photography to synch all the different pieces together. It seems that all the ingredients for the 90’s look and feel are present.

A distinctive Grunge look created by distorting typography, the implementation of black and white photography, and the mix of primitive shapes in lurid colors are all reminiscent nods to classical designs from the 1990’s.
— Elvis Benício and Lostctrl

Dear god is a brand identity project for an up and coming music festival in São Paulo, Brazil. Elvis Benício and Lostctrl teamed up to put a different edge on the branding for this event and the outcome is both fresh and relevant for the many music lovers who grew up in the 1990’s.

SOURCE: Abduzeedo