House in the Dunes


An architect and 3D animation specialist, Michał Szulik is the mastermind behind the House of Dunes project. The beautiful interior and exterior design of this home is a shining example of minimalism, using accent pieces such as walls and hardware to contrast the white negative space that dominates the home. Utilizing a black and white color scheme and reclaimed wood throughout, this home is brilliantly thought-out and decorated. And the most interesting part of this home? It is 100% computer-rendered and not the least bit real. Enjoy the video at the end of the blog which shows a rendered walkthrough of this lovely concept home.


NYC Micro Studio

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Jordan Parnass Architecture designed this amazing micro studio apartment in New York City that features some really creative storage and space saving ideas. This studio shows that with the right ideas you can make the most of a 500 square foot space. The place is beautiful, efficient and cozy, certainly a great place to live in the new year.

Modernist Australian Cottage

Valiant House  designed by  A for Architecture  Photo by Peter Bennetts

Valiant House designed by A for Architecture Photo by Peter Bennetts

Impressive architectural design by A for Architecture, tasked with transforming a weatherboard workers cottage into a two-story residence for a young family. The Valiant House was designed to be functional for both adults and children as well as extremely aesthetically pleasing.

The architect was able to answer all the requests within the challenging footprint allotted and managed to create a light-filled interior that flows and still feels spacious.
— Caroline Williamson | Design Milk

Source: Design Milk
Photos: Peter Bennetts

Warsaw City Loft

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Amazing work from Super Future Group on the Warsaw City Loft, that’s located in a 19th century building close to Warsaw’s Vistula River. Modern architecture juxtaposed with post-modern art aesthetics makes this loft space extremely eclectic.

Modern Treehouses

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Loving these modern treehouse solutions in various parts of the United States that truly emphasize the concept of simplified living.

The magic of escaping to a fantasy life high above in the trees sounds pretty great, but realistically we all have to grow up and be adults, but that doesn’t mean we can’t build a little getaway for some quiet time.
— Caroline Williamson

Form Follows Function

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KC design studio renovated this Taipei apartment by stripping it back to its industrial bones and removing all traces of decoration in an attempt to remain true to the overarching Modernist design rule that form should be a consequence of function.

The homeowner desired two separate spaces, one private and the other public, with the private one having the option to be used as a large, single room or separated into smaller spaces to house a gym, dressing area, bathroom, and bedroom. The public area houses an open plan living room, kitchen, and dining area for increased family interactions.
— Caroline Williamson | Design Milk

Los Angeles' Arts District Loft

Marmol Radziner's Los Angeles' Arts District Loft.

Marmol Radziner's Los Angeles' Arts District Loft.

Marmol Radziner Architects renovated this 2,000 square foot industrial loft in a 1924 warehouse in downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District. This sophisticated bachelor's pad was designed at the request of the owner to be both simple and luxurious. 

A 100-Year Old Shophouse Renovation

ONG&ONG renovated this three-story shophouse in Singapore to become a cozy home for the owners. The home is lLocated in a conservation area that’s now become all residential, the 17 Blair Road house was originally built sometime between 1900 and 1940 and had been recently used as an office.

Source: ONG&ONG