The Humanity Star

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This shiny, spherical satellite resembling a disco ball is currently traveling around our planet in an attempt to "to serve as a focal point for humanity and reminder about our fragile place in the universe".

No matter where you are in the world, or what is happening in your life, everyone will be able to see the Humanity Star in the night sky.
— Peter Beck | Founder of Rocket Lab

The satellite is made from carbon fiber and has 65 reflective panels that reflect sunlight back to Earth. The Humanity Star spins rapidly, creating a blinking flashing effect. 

The Humanity Star launched in January from New Zealand and orbits the Earth every 90 minutes. It will continue through September before it starts to decay and is pulled back into Earth's gravity, ultimately burning up on reentry. You can track in real-time the location of the satellite on a website.

Source: The Humanity Star

New York City Photography


Vivien Bertin, an art director out of Paris, France, has put together a stunning and intimate portrait of the city in his new book entitled, New York.

Cuban Street Photography

Amazing street photography from Stijn Hoekstra's, a cinematographer and photographer based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. His photos of Cuba capture an amazing look at the city's antique aesthetics.

Hokkaido By Train

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Amazing series from Shanghai-based photographer Ying Yin's documents this trip from Sapporo to Abashiri, a city located on the coast of the Okhotsk Sea.

Source: Behance

The Azores

Loving this surreal black and white photography captured by Arnaud Bathiard, a self-taught photographer from Burgundy, France. The Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal, are most commonly characterized by dramatic landscapes, fishing villages, and green pastures gratefully salvaged from mass tourism. He's done an excellent job of capturing the subtleties of the area by utilizing long exposures to unveil the beauty and calmness of the region.

Drift San José

chris frank

Amazing architecture and atmosphere at the Drift San José, a communal hostel in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. This palace has both earthy and industrial design elements that seem very fitting for the territory and rooms start at just $113 a night.