Modernist Australian Cottage

Valiant House  designed by  A for Architecture  Photo by Peter Bennetts

Valiant House designed by A for Architecture Photo by Peter Bennetts

Impressive architectural design by A for Architecture, tasked with transforming a weatherboard workers cottage into a two-story residence for a young family. The Valiant House was designed to be functional for both adults and children as well as extremely aesthetically pleasing.

The architect was able to answer all the requests within the challenging footprint allotted and managed to create a light-filled interior that flows and still feels spacious.
— Caroline Williamson | Design Milk

Source: Design Milk
Photos: Peter Bennetts

Warsaw City Loft

chris frank st. louis

Amazing work from Super Future Group on the Warsaw City Loft, that’s located in a 19th century building close to Warsaw’s Vistula River. Modern architecture juxtaposed with post-modern art aesthetics makes this loft space extremely eclectic.

Modern Treehouses

christopher a. frank

Loving these modern treehouse solutions in various parts of the United States that truly emphasize the concept of simplified living.

The magic of escaping to a fantasy life high above in the trees sounds pretty great, but realistically we all have to grow up and be adults, but that doesn’t mean we can’t build a little getaway for some quiet time.
— Caroline Williamson

Drift San José

chris frank

Amazing architecture and atmosphere at the Drift San José, a communal hostel in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. This palace has both earthy and industrial design elements that seem very fitting for the territory and rooms start at just $113 a night.

Bossa Moonraker Stereo Speaker System

Very cool speaker designs from Bossa, that are draw upon both modern and retro aesthetics and are industrially engineered to use their spherical shape to improve the sound quality.

Moonraker is an homage to mid-century design. Every detail is functional, beautiful and executed with reverence for the modernist tradition. You’re passionate about design. Don’t settle for uninspired speakers.
— Bossa

Source: Bossa

The Woodman’s Treehouse

This amazing treehouse design in West Dorset, England was designed by the amazing architects over at BEaM. Luxurious interiors are enriched by the use of raw materials juxtaposed with modern design elements.

The Woodman’s Treehouse is a luxurious two-storey suite arranged between and beneath the canopy of aged oaks in a rural green woodworking campus.
— Gisele Muller
The timber building draws on diverse architectural and cultural references combining with theatrical effects to create a visually rich and playful construction in the picturesque tradition.
— Gisele Muller

NBC's Logo in Motion

Screen stills from  Lost Project's  revamp of NBC's logo put in motion.

Screen stills from Lost Project's revamp of NBC's logo put in motion.

Amazing motion graphics work for NBC from Lost Project's design director, Craig Stouffer. They've taken the power of motion graphics to breathe life into the logo that was developed in the 1940's.

The spectrum of colours are quite memorable and Lost Project’s work also makes a beautiful tribute to the original core by keeping a modern twist.
— François Hoang

Source: Abduzeedo

Transformed Shanghai Resort in the Trees

Very inspiring conservation project that aimed to preserve the forests of Shanghai and integrate a luxurious resort in doing so. Not only beautiful from a physical standpoint, but also conceptually. The resort itself, Aman (the hotel resort brand of Russian real-estate developer Vladislav Doronin), has modernist aesthetics that are inspired by the cultural fabric of Shanghai. 

The project has also involved the dismantling of more than 30 villages, which resulted in 50 Ming and Qing dynasty houses being carefully taken apart and rebuilt in the new location, on the outskirts of Shanghai.
— Amy Frearson
During the process, the team rediscovered 400-year-old building techniques. They also uncovered carvings and reliefs that would have taken decades to complete, and which trace family histories dating back 2,000 years.
— Amy Frearson

Source: Dzeen