Walala X Play

Walala X Play by  Camille Walala

Walala X Play by Camille Walala

Artist/designer, Camille Walala, has created an eye-popping interactive installation, WALALA X PLAY, that’s complete with her signature graphic patterns, geometric shapes, and bold colors. She created a colorful maze that references the waterways of the Greenwich Peninsula, the curve of the Thames, and the shape and angles of the building. WALALA X PLAY is on display at the NOW Gallery in London.

Her signature Tribal POP style present a boundless energy that work perfectly for show-stopping and social spaces - “the bigger the better”.

New York City Ballet Art Series: Geronimo


Amazing work form Turkish American visual artist Jihan Zencirli, also known as Geronimo. This current work is comprised of thousands of compostable, biodegradable balloons joining together to form amazing installations living inside the New York City Ballet's home at Lincoln Center.

“Balloons are only for a moment. They disappear and vanish. So rooted in my work is this reminder that you will only have this experience at this particular time. You’re here, you’re seeing it, you’re alive.”
— Geronimo

Source: Abduzeedo

The Observatory

chris frank cfx st. louis

Amazing surrealist illustrations from artist/designer Anxo Vizcaíno that embody a vintage aesthetic remeniscnet of the 1980's visual landscape.

The first piece of this series was originally part of my collection of “experimental remixes”. Now it inspired me to create a whole collection of scenes set in the same atmosphere. I’m producing some limited fine-art prints soon.
— Anxo Vizcaíno

Source: Abduzeedo

Painting Vibes

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Loving this online service, Vibrato, that translates vibrations from music into an aural-visual piece of wall art. The imagery produced from the vibrations are incredibly unique to its respective song, making each piece very strong from a conceptual point-of-view.

A 4″×4″ optically clear plastic sheet is placed over an audio speaker, with specially diluted ink applied over this surface before the chosen track is put on blast.
— Gregory Han | Design Milk

Source: Vibrato