Blockchain's Role in Advertising

Blockchain is a technology that enables an anonymous, decentralized record of transactions. As consumer's, we've grown to understand that today’s digital ad industry revolves around Google, Facebook and Amazon. Blockchain has the power to address some of ad tech’s most challenging issues. This technology will enable the advertising industry to cut waste, target the right people, reduce the advertising load and deliver fewer, more timely and more relevant ads. 

By utilizing blockchain, advertisers and marketers will be able to anonymously track a customer across platforms and therefore deliver personalized ads without any personally identifiable information or costly contracts across media empires.

Source: AdWeek

Blockchain Technology in the Marketing Landscape

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Adweek recently published an interesting article about the role that cryptocurrencies are playing within today's digital marketing landscape. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use the blockchain, which creates a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrencies are recorded chronologically and publicly. 

The thought being that blockchain technology has the potential to create the kind of transparency that advertising desperately needs by cutting off bot traffic and protecting brands from unsavory content.

It might still be early days for digital currency, but marketers are increasingly piggybacking on the rise of tender like bitcoin and applying those concepts to digital advertising. In a nutshell, they’re seeking a more transparent and efficient way of running online marketplaces.
— Marty Swant | Adweek

Source: Adweek