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Walala X Play

Walala X Play by  Camille Walala

Walala X Play by Camille Walala

Artist/designer, Camille Walala, has created an eye-popping interactive installation, WALALA X PLAY, that’s complete with her signature graphic patterns, geometric shapes, and bold colors. She created a colorful maze that references the waterways of the Greenwich Peninsula, the curve of the Thames, and the shape and angles of the building. WALALA X PLAY is on display at the NOW Gallery in London.

Her signature Tribal POP style present a boundless energy that work perfectly for show-stopping and social spaces - “the bigger the better”.

Herman Miller's Live OS

chris frank st. louis

Herman Miller's new furniture solution, Live OS, is the first human-centered furniture system that allows a workspace to “sense” people and their preferences. The system has the ability to remember your workspace settings and track your engagement online. The Live OS system is part of Herman Miller’s Living Office, focusing on bringing real advantages and proven outcomes to people and organizations.

With Live OS, people take charge of their work experiences. By pairing the app with any connected desk, people can set preferences for sitting and standing and move comfortably between the two throughout the day.
— Herman Miller
chris frank st. louis
chris frank st. louis

Cerno Group

Design Milk recently produced and published this wonderful video about Southern California based lighting designers/manufacturers, Cerno. Their innovative designs are both aesthetically modern and functionally oriented to suit both residential and commercial settings.

Cerno co-founders Nick Sheridan, Dan Wacholder, and Bret Englander have built an authentic brand of lighting and furnishings that are designed and made in the place they grew up in.
— Jaime Derringer | Design Milk

Source: Design Milk

Fold Collection

Brooklyn-based Uhuru, a multi-disciplinary design firm, has produced the amazing Fold Collection that is inspired by flattened debris found in the streets of New York City. Uhuru took the concept a step further by replicating the natural patina that happens to the materials as they weather the outdoor elements. The pieces in the collection, which includes consoles, a bench, coffee table, and end tables, will age over time to slowly revealing character.

Our new Fold Collection is inspired by the forms created by objects flattened in our neighborhood streets, in particular the metal straps used to attach goods to pallets and boxes here in industrial Red Hook.
— Uhuru

Source: Uhuru Design

Handcrafted Planters

Amazing work from Los-Angeles-based Boyce Studio. These handcrafted, sustainable planters are created from FSC-Certified lumber and other locally sourced components. Each piece is handmade and includes a final finish in a low VOC wax/oil combination.

Source: Design Milk

Bossa Moonraker Stereo Speaker System

Very cool speaker designs from Bossa, that are draw upon both modern and retro aesthetics and are industrially engineered to use their spherical shape to improve the sound quality.

Moonraker is an homage to mid-century design. Every detail is functional, beautiful and executed with reverence for the modernist tradition. You’re passionate about design. Don’t settle for uninspired speakers.
— Bossa

Source: Bossa

Polymorph Chair

Photos © by Georg Molterer.

Photos © by Georg Molterer.

Beautiful chair design and craftsmanship from designer Philipp Aduatz. Combining minimalists with organic, spherical forms, the Polymorph Chair creates a phenomenal juxtaposition of line work.

In ancient Greek, ‘poly’ translates to ‘many’ while ‘morphé’ means ‘shape’, which is how Aduatz arrived at the Polymorph name, with its combination of concepts.
— Caroline Williamson | Design Milk

Source: Design Milk
Photos: Georg Molterer

Modernist Pastry Designs

Amazing modernist pastry designs crafted by Ukraine pastry chef Dinara Kasko, who creates unique molds to achieve such pristine baked creations. She utilizes 3D printing technology in order to generate the silicone molds that you can order from her site.

Source: Design Milk