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DekoRatio Branding & Design Studio


Located in Budapest, Hungary, DekoRatio Branding & Design Studio is a mecca for interior design, epitomizing the intersection of influence and inspiration. From their basic identity to their sliding doors that cleverly change messaging written on the wall behind it, no stone was left unturned in this beautifully and brilliantly designed space.

The DekoRatio office not only provides an experience to its visitors, but also acts as a showroom for interior design. The space is divided into two parts in the angle of a "K": an industrial space and an all-white office space. This division speaks to the studio's ability to execute brand strategy and also to produce signs and prints.


Source: Behance

Form Follows Function

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KC design studio renovated this Taipei apartment by stripping it back to its industrial bones and removing all traces of decoration in an attempt to remain true to the overarching Modernist design rule that form should be a consequence of function.

The homeowner desired two separate spaces, one private and the other public, with the private one having the option to be used as a large, single room or separated into smaller spaces to house a gym, dressing area, bathroom, and bedroom. The public area houses an open plan living room, kitchen, and dining area for increased family interactions.
— Caroline Williamson | Design Milk

A Compact Apartment in Kiev

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Stunning apartment interior in Kiev designed by MARTIN Architects that features a glass-encased bedroom utilizing only 484 square feet. The design requirements were for the space to be functional while also appealing to renters within the area.

The bedroom was partitioned off with framed glass so light still passes thought while also offering the space privacy when the curtains are closed.
— Caroline Williamson | Design Milk

Source: Design Milk

The Modern Influence of Frank Lloyd Wright

Design Milk has published a very interesting article about Frank Lloyd Wright's influence not only on architects, but the creative community as a whole. Contemporary designers and architects share how Wright's key design principles influence their work to this day.

He had an overarching belief that architecture, which encompassed both interior and products, should be a complete work of art and that all elements should contribute to the whole.
— Amy Azzarito | Design Milk
Michael Bierut , Inner City Infill, 1984 from the collection at  MOMA

Michael Bierut, Inner City Infill, 1984 from the collection at MOMA

What floored me was the sense of transformation. You felt like a miracle was being formed before your eyes in stone and glass and steel. It’s also not merely a piece of sculpture. It’s the fulfillment of a functional request. Someone wanted a house and Wright did it in such an otherworldly, graceful and beautiful way.
— Michael Bierut

Frank Lloyd Wright upheld a holistic approach of how every home and building should be designed as a unified vision of design and craft with utmost respect for nature and materials
— Eric Chang | Hellman-Chang

Artwork by Colette Vermeulen

Artwork by Colette Vermeulen

The way Frank Lloyd Wright abstracted nature was a big source of inspiration. Each shape in nature can be brought back to pure elementary forms like circles and triangles. The way Frank Lloyd Wright created living spaces in which nature is amplified rather than disregarded, inspired me to create images that are not restricted by a rectangular frame and that emphasize the purest elementary forms.
— Colette Vermeulen

Source: Design Milk

Design Documentary Series

Very excited for today's release of Netflix's new design documentary series Abstract: The Art of Design, featuring spotlights on Bjarke IngelsEs DevlinIlse CrawfordPaula Scher and Tinker Hatfield to name a few. 

Along with Ingels, Devlin and Crawford from the fields of architecture, stage design and interior design respectively, there’s graphic designer Paula Scher, automobile designer Ralph Gilles, Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, illustrator Christoph Niemann and photographer Platon.
— Rima Sabina Aouf

Source: DeZeen

Beautiful Interiors

Beautiful interior design NL2 SMA, an interior design and architecture project shared by Anton SiriakAnton Siriak is an architect and interior designer from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Source: Abduzeedo