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A Marketing Industry Reality

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Consumers expect experiences that are curated directly to them and their interests. In this new experience economy, they no longer tolerate anything less. Brands like Airbnb, Lyft, Amazon and Netflix have realized that the power has shifted to consumers. They decide when, how, where and in what ways to engage with brands and expect a seamless experience across all platforms.

The Cloud
With cloud-based technologies, companies now have access to infinite computing resources, and no longer have to deal with the complexities of managing infrastructure. Marketers can spin up systems and applications with the flip of a switch and manage consumer data at unprecedented scale. With the cloud, consumer data can easily and instantaneously be used to power personalized experiences across channels unlike never before.

The Mobile Experience
There are now 8 billion mobile devices in the world—more than there are people. The average American now spends five hours a day using mobile devices, and 54 percent of email users access their inboxes on a mobile device. While mobile may seem like old news, usage is climbing and informed marketers are finding new and innovative ways to better engage with consumers on it.

Social Media
Around 2.46 billion people use a social network at least once per month. That makes social media an important medium for product discovery, sales and customer care. It’s no wonder that 77 percent of marketers say their companies use social media marketing to drive business ROI.

AI & Marekting
Marketers are embracing AI tools, which learn from past consumer behavior to automatically predict outcomes, arming marketers with information on the best next step. AI finds patterns in consumer data, marketers can now automatically forecast the best time, channel and audience for their messages.

Source: AdWeek

Engaging Millennials Through Content Marketing

chris frank st. louis

Forbes recently published an interesting article pertaining to marketing in today's Millennial-driven landscape with regards to the efficacy of content. We've grown to understand that they’re a particularly challenging generation to understand as their preferences are always evolving with technology that's at their fingertips.

Although this is true for every demographic, it is continually important that to align our messaging with what truly matters to them, in an effort to really speak their language and connect on a deeper level.

Millennials officially sit in the driver’s seat and are influencing the relationship between marketer and consumer unlike any generation before them. Nearly two in three millennials block ads.
— Chelsea Krost | Forbes

Source: Forbes