Netflix Sans


Netflix's success within the film and television industry is not only due in part to their on-demand selections as well as their user-friendly UI, but also their approach to personalized design. The service even customizes its graphic design to users’ personal streaming habits

Netflix has developed a new font called Netflix Sans that is clean, functional, and subtly inspired by the brand’s famous logo. The new font is meant to serve both display and functional purposes, but there is a serious economic component at play, too.

With the global nature of Netflix’s business, font licensing can get quite expensive. Developing this typeface not only created an ownable and unique element for the brand’s aesthetic (moving Netflix away from Gotham, which is widely used in the entertainment industry), but saves the company millions of dollars a year as foundries move towards impression-based licensing for their typefaces in many digital advertising spaces.
— Noah Nathan | Netflix Design Lead

Source: AdWeek

Advertising With User Data

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Netflix went under scrutiny last month for a Tweet that pokes fun at a small group of their users. Now major brands, including Spotify and Cost Plus World Market, are testing the waters by using their troves of user data to drive not only the targeting but the creation of their ads. Many of these campaigns seem like experiments designed to determine just how much of their own data people are willing to tolerate.

Spotify ran a similar campaign late last year that featured user data cleverly integrate within the ad space. It's unclear how this approach will impact consumers, but the idea is interesting given that a Pew Research Center study found last year that most Americans determine their online privacy rights case by case, with 47 percent saying they’re comfortable with retailers tracking their purchases to deliver better deals.

Source: AdWeek

Netflix Is A Joke?

Interesting ad campaign from that was activated last week in Los Angeles and New York for Netflix. The tagline, "Netflix Is A Joke", apparently comes as Netflix has been investing more in comedy—including specials from the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

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In one of the least surprising reveals ever, the advertiser behind billboards proclaiming “Netflix Is a Joke” in New York and Los Angeles is said to be Netflix itself.
— Tim Nudd | AdWeek

Source: AdWeek

Design Documentary Series

Very excited for today's release of Netflix's new design documentary series Abstract: The Art of Design, featuring spotlights on Bjarke IngelsEs DevlinIlse CrawfordPaula Scher and Tinker Hatfield to name a few. 

Along with Ingels, Devlin and Crawford from the fields of architecture, stage design and interior design respectively, there’s graphic designer Paula Scher, automobile designer Ralph Gilles, Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, illustrator Christoph Niemann and photographer Platon.
— Rima Sabina Aouf

Source: DeZeen